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Born in the Czech Republic with a lifelong passion for art, craftsmanship, walking & conceptual design, London has become my second home and deeply rooted within my heart. I believe it’s a place where the best designs in the world have come to life.


17 years

of expertise

& experience

Global & local brands

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The reason I started as a solopreneur is because I felt there was a better way to work with clients. Working for big names in the design industry often left me cut off from the direct dialog and essential information was lacking. Have you seen the movie Lost in Translation? This is how it felt for me.

I love to be present the entire time and nurture my clients from start to finish.

Even the little details are not left in the hands of inexperienced designers.




Saying that, I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work on global and local brands, thanks to companies such as: Pi Global, What If, Cocoon, Mountain Design and Sanders. I am thankful for being able to explore and gain knowledge on a wide range of approaches, strategies and consumer needs across different cultures and countries.

Below are just a few brands I have worked on:




I collaborate with a wide range of professionals, depending on project needs, from strategist and copywriters to illustrators and photographers. I always let you know before hand if extra help is needed.

And together we pick the best.